Bernie came into my life at a time when the clutter in my living space was getting me down.

I’d heard of the KonMari® Method but didn’t know too much about it except that it should

spark joy! Well, from the moment I met Bernie she certainly sparked joy for me, I just knew

that she’s going to make a huge difference to my life!

One of the things I am most grateful to Bernie for is that she supported me to tidy and

organise certain aspects of my belongings that I would never have tackled! One of these

areas was jewellery – this is an area to which I had a lot of emotions attached and it was

challenging to deal with it on my own. Bernie helped me put all my jewellery items in one

place, patiently went through the ‘joy check’ with me, and together we found homes for

each and every piece of my dearest jewellery. This exercise not only sparked joy as I can

now see all my favourite jewellery in one place, it actually reduced me to tears as without

Bernie I don’t think I would have ever faced this challenge as it seemed too mammoth to

tackle all by myself. I would say that organising the jewellery and the mountains of greeting

cards were my biggest breakthrough moments.

Since meeting Bernie and learning about Marie Kondo, I would say that life has changed in

lots of positive ways for me: I have become more mindful of the things I buy (“do they spark

for me?”), and I’m also using items that I’ve forgotten I had or simply couldn’t find.

One of the moments I realised that Bernie had made a significant impact not only in my life

but also that of my family is when I overheard my daughters discussing whether items in

their wardrobes spark joy for them! This professional tidying journey is indeed truly


A very useful learning for me is to put all similar items together and go through the ‘joy

check’ exercise and then store or display them in an organised and beautiful way. For

example, my candles, I had them stored all over the house and was never sure what and

how many I had. I now store them in a large beautiful tin that I love but never use, I’m

elated that it is now the new home for my lovely candles!

Bernie also guided me to take on my books which were scattered everywhere in the house,

again another daunting task that I may never have got around to doing. We collected all the

books into one big pile and ‘joy checked’ them. After I have thanked and bid farewell to 

those books which no longer spark joy for me, she inspired me to organise and store my

favourites in one location and display a few carefully selected books in an eye-catching and

colour-coordinated manner. As I’m a Colour and Well-being Therapist, seeing my best-loved

books tidied and exhibited in the living room undoubtedly sparks huge amounts of joy for

me every day and encourages me to read more often!!

It’s evident that Bernie genuinely loves and believes in the KonMari® Method. She is very

methodical and totally unfazed by any clutter or chaos she comes across in the house,

nothing is too difficult for her to handle, and she is very reassuring in her approach.

I feel very fortunate to have met and worked with such a wonderful, gifted and special

person. She does what she loves and absolutely loves what she does, and delivers the

outcome that you desire and so much more – be it her legal work, business coaching or

professional tidying! I shall always be grateful to Bernie for all her help and support and

showing me the Marie Kondo world, making my life and the lives of my loved ones so much

more joyful!

Gabbie Greenberg

Colour and Well-being Therapist

London, U.K.

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