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I am a Certified Life & Success Coach and a Certified KonMari ® Consultant based in North London. I specialise in helping families in North London & Hertfordshire area eliminate clutter from their life by guiding them how to only retain items that spark joy and organize them using Marie Kondo’s unique tidying method!

I am a sought-after Certified KonMari® Consultant. The KonMari® Method created by Marie Kondo is all about choosing joy and living the life you have always wanted.

 It is not about cleaning the dirt or trashing stuff you do not want. 

I amplified the concept and designed my unique DREAM Method to help clients surround themselves in work and life only with what matters most.

DISCARD with Gratitude

RE-ORGANISE with Confidence

ENLIVEN with Style

ACCENTUATE with Luxury

MAINTAIN with Love

“What good is a dream house if you haven’t got a dream?” 

~ Julius Shulman


Wardrobes Only

Tidying Festival of the Entire House

Done-for-you Tidying Festival of the Entire House


“Feel like an angel visited my house today!” 

“You are unbelievable! An absolute Angel! I’m so happy with the result already!” 

“And I enjoyed being with you so much!”

"My favourite space!"

Gabbie G.

Colour & Wellbeing Therapist London, United Kingdom

“One of the moments I realised that Bernie had made a significant impact not only in my life but also that of my family is when I overheard my daughters discussing whether items in their wardrobes spark joy for them!

This professional tidying journey is indeed truly transformational! It’s evident that Bernie genuinely loves and believes in the KonMari® Method. She is very methodical and totally unfazed by any clutter or chaos she comes across in the house, nothing is too difficult for her to handle, and she is very reassuring in her approach.

I feel very fortunate to have met and worked with such a wonderful, gifted and special person. She does what she loves and absolutely loves what she does, and delivers the outcome that you desire and so much more – be it her legal work, business coaching or professional tidying! I shall always be grateful to Bernie for all her help and support and showing me the Marie Kondo world, making my life and the lives of my loved ones so much more joyful!”

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“I was dealing with having a lot of other people’s things given to me to store over the years and already tending towards hoarding and sentimentality. Bernie was kind and patient whilst being proactive and determined in her approach.

My biggest breakthrough was just starting, instead of procrastinating and delaying.

Working with her has made me feel much more positive about tackling the mess and the overcrowdedness. By helping me visualise how I want my ideal home to be, Bernie helped make my goal achievable.

My greatest learning was about keeping it simple. Bernie is inspirational and someone you don’t want to let down!”

Wendy F.

School and Bereavement Counsellor London, United Kingdom

Sara B. 

London, United Kingdom

“Bernie – a real life Angel!

We recently completed the full tidying journey, and I am so so happy with the result.

As a busy working mum with two young kids, I had put myself and my needs last for a long time. Bernie came round and made me a priority. And it felt good!

We sorted every single shelf, cupboard and drawer in my home. She helped me to create more space for family to enjoy and grow in.

Bernie helped me realise which items ‘bring me joy’ and even display some of these which had been lost in cupboards for years!

Bernie genuinely loves to help, loves to organise and loves to help people re-fall in love with their home.”

What is the KonMari Method?

The KonMari Method is a unique tidying system created by the Tidying Queen Marie Kondo. Keep and organise only those things that speak to the heart. 

Discard items that no longer spark joy by letting them go with gratitude. 

Reprinted from SPARK JOY Copyright. ©2015 by Marie Kondo. Illustrations. copyright ©2012, 2015 by Masako Inoue. 

Published by Ten Speed Press.

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